About Dr. George Varghese

Doctor George VargheseDr George Varghese Koluthara,
MBBS, PGDGM, PGDHS Medical Director

Dr George Varghese Koluthara is a pioneer in Skin Laser Treatment in India. Since 2002, he has been providing expert treatment in this field, and has served Specialists’ Hospital, Cochin. He is experienced in handling various “State-of-the-art” Laser machines, such as Nd YAG (for removing unwanted hair, capillary haemangiomas, warts, pimples, wrinkles etc.), Erbium YAG and Co2 (for removing black moles, ageing black spots, skin tags, xanthelasma, corns and pimples scar reduction etc.)


Q-Switched Nd YAG (for removing tattoos, naevus of ota) and also treating Psoriasis and Vitiligo using narrow band UVB light. For further details log onto www.doctorgv.com