Laser Hair Removal Prices Per Session


Updated From: 6th August 2014
Laser hair removal prices per session
Area to be treated Amount
Upper Lip Rs 1,500/-
Chin Small Area Rs 2,000/-
Chin Large Area Rs 3,000/-
Upper Lip with Chin Small Area Rs 3,000/-
Upper Lip with Chin Large Area Rs 3,500/-
Side Burns Rs 2,500/-
Full Face excluding forehead Rs 5,500/-
Full Face including forehead Rs 6,500/-
Eyebrows Rs 2,000/-
Chest (female) Rs 3,000/- to Rs 5,000/-
Chest (male) Rs 5,000/- to Rs 6,000/-
Abdomen (female) Rs 3,000/- to Rs 5,000/-
Abdomen (male) Rs 5,000/- to Rs 6,000/-
Under Arms Rs 2,500/-
Back full area (male) Rs 10,000/- to Rs 12,000/-
Forearms Rs 3,000/-
Forearm & Upper Arm Rs 6,000/- to Rs 7,000/-
Legs Rs 5,000/-
Thighs Rs 8,000/-
Legs & Thighs (ankle to bikini) Rs 12,000/-
Laser treatment rates for other procedures
Beauty peeling Face Rs 1800/-
Oxypeel Face Rs 700/-
Single black mole Rs 5,000/-
Additional black moles Rs 1,500/- per mole
Aging black spots – face Rs 3,000/- to Rs 8,000/-
Warts Rs 3,000/- and above
Skin tags Rs 3,000/- and above
Corns   Rs 3,000/- and above
Pimples laser treatment using RF fractional Rs 5,000/- to Rs 8,000/-
Non ablative facial rejuvenation using Nd YAG laser Rs 6,000/- per session
Pre marriage facial rejuvenation using IAL system Rs 9,800/- per session
Botox injection for facial wrinkles Rs 10,000/-
Dermal fillers for face Rs 18,000/- per vial