"I am aged 70 years. I know the Doctor personally for many years. As I was having raised black, white and flower lesions like lesions over my face I consulted the Doctor and he told that they were due to ageing black spots, xanthelasma and warts. He removed all the lesions using laser machine in one sitting. It took one week to heal all the wounds and after one month my full face looked neat and clean without any lesions or scar."


George Kodavelil, Cherthala Kerala.


"I am 61 year old and i had raised many black spots on my face. I was told by the Doctor that spots are due to ageing process and as per his direction it was removed using laser. Now almost 3 years over after the treatment and there is not even a single black spot or any scar on my face"


Vijayan Menon, Trichur Kerala.


"I am student aged 19 years and studying for 2nd year BCA. I was having extensive black mole on my face left side of forehead, left cheek, neck, behind my ears and scalp from my birth. The lesion in front and back of ears became thicker and leathery in nature. There was itching over these lesions. These lesions were removed by the Doctor in two sittings. Now most of the lesions have gone and I am confident and getting lot of encouragement from my friends. "


Royale Jose, Angamally Kerala.


"I was having a coin size black mole over my forehead and it was removed by laser three years back by the Doctor. Now the skin is having normal colour without any scar."


Antony Pius, Ernakulam Kerala.


" My daughter was having excessive hair growth on her face. I had done complete investigations to find out the cause for hair growth and all the tests were normal. So I studied different options to remove it. Temporary hair removal like plucking and waxing will stimulate the hair root and make it thicker and stout. Then I decided to go for permanent hair removal like Laser and Electrolysis. As electrolysis is more painful and chances of scaring is more I opted Laser hair removal which do not have any side effects. Of the different laser hair removal machines I found Nd YAG laser machines are good for Indian skins. Then I searched who is the good Doctor doing these jobs and decided to approach the Doctor for the same and I am happy with the results."


Dr Chacko George (Orthopaedic Surgeon),Oman.


" I was having excessive hair growth on my chest and abdomen which I was not bothered till the age of 35 when decided to get married. Then I searched for the good doctor for the same and landed at the Doctor laser department and happy with the result. "


A Lady Doctor Physician Thiruvalla, Kerala


" I m a 37 year old Dental Surgeon. 4 to 5 months back I happened to visit a famous skin specialist to get a cone removed from my foot. I had pain while walking. He suggested me a surgical removal. I had to wait for 2 months for the wound to get healed and once it got healed I could see the same cone in the same position and the pain was more this time.When I met the specialist again, he told me it was a relapse and advised me to undergo one more surgery. Thinking of the pain and difficulty I had gone through, I didnot go with it. My wife who was already a patient of the Doctor , suggested me to meet him. Previously I thought only cosmetic procedures were done there. I visited the Doctor two to three times and without any surgery, without any laser he cured my cone,within a week time. First I couldn't believe it, I thought there will be relapse. But its almost 2 months now ,I am absolutely fine and I am so glad. "


Dr.Siju.V.Jose, M G M Specialty Dental Clinic,
Koothattukulam, Ernakulam. Ph: 9447052161


" I was having excessive hair growth in my face. Last ten years, I was suffering severely and I used plucking for hair removal. But it was not a permanent solution. I consulted a laser centre and unfortunately that increased my hair growth. I searched for a permanent solution, and last year I consulted the Doctor After few sittings I am very happy with the result and thanks to the Doctor."


Dr.Leelamma Jacob,